Saturday, February 02, 2008

First Sewing machine project

pillow 2
Originally uploaded by WendiLeigh

This is my first ever sewing machine project. I am very proud. After countless calls to my mom about thread breaking followed by three broken needles I finished it. I got the pattern from Amy Butler's book, In Stitches. I got the fabric from JoAnn's. It wasn't nearly as hard to use the machine and I realized how hooked on sewing I could become.


Christy said...

Looks great to me. At least you knew to turn it inside out. I bought a sewing machine two weeks ago. I made a Spiderman pillow for my son, all the edges are on the outside of the pillow. Lol. But I'm trying.

Faith said...

That pillow is adorable. I keep thinking about getting a sewing machine. I had a little portable one, but the needles kept breaking. I love making quilts and pillows and hand-sewing is a pain!