Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I've been tagged by my friends Brian and Gry at Woodward and Rick Wedding Photography to tell "8 things about myself that you might not know about me". Well here we go:

1. I wanted to be a doctor for a long time and still debated it in college for photojournalism, alas I decided I loved photography more. But, my junior year in college I got to spend a week following an open heart surgeon in and out of the operating room. Watching someone hold a person's heart in their hands and then watch the person wake up later is awe inspiring. I still watch ER reruns at the gym and think about how cool it would be. This was a God thing too because within six months my dad had to have a heart vavle replaced and I was able to comfort him and myself after seeing first hand what the surgery was like.

2. I grew up in a house full of pinball machines and juxboxes that my dad collected and was surprised to go to an arcade and have to pay to play the machines.

3. I started baking for the first time as a way to destress in college. I used to bring the food up to the photolab. They used to know when I had a big test due to the amount of baked goods in the lab the next morning.

4. The first time I met my husband Rick, I thought that is the guy I am going to marry. Five years later we started dating and six and a half years later we got married.

5. I still read comic books and am a bit of a sci-fi geek. I blame an older brother who I always looked up to for that.

6. I love candy! And I am a bit OCD about it. Every holiday has a specific candy that I associate with it. I buy a lot of that candy and eat it and then I make sure I have enough to hide away in the freezer so I can have some all year round. Examples, Halloween=Candy Corn, I likie the harvest corn the best now and the best is the mini pumpkins; Christmas=those chewy peperments with the trees on them; Valentine's day=Conversation Hearts; and Easter=Cadbury Mini eggs, I love these things and I also get a few creme eggs but they are a bit overwhelming. The most OCD thing about candy that I do though is how I eat it. Every candy has a specific way to eat it and I really can't take a bite out of candy bar. The main thing I do is I eat the chocolate on the outside first starting with the ends, then the sides and then the top and bottom. If it has layers, like a kit kat, I separate a layer at a time eating each one. I am a freak but it makes the candy last longer.

7. I once was rather large and lost close to 40 pounds in college and when I went home for holidays people didn't recognize me. I became a bit of a gym rat and still am, it relaxes me.

8. I am a bit spontaneous due to how I grew up. My parents are both teachers so we had the summers off and we used to go on long road trips that really were never plannned. The best example is the time we decided to take a two week trip up the east coast from our home in florida with the final destination, Maine. We decided to do it the night before and some how convinced my grandmother to come with us. I am always up for a road trip no matter what the notice.

Whew! I am done. It was really hard to come up with eight things, I feel like I am pretty open about myself. Hopefully some of this is new to some of you.

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Mansi Desai said...

first time here! nice reading your meme:) I'm inspired about your weight-loss; i myself lost around 20, but sometimes find it hard to hit the gym due to lack of time:(